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When allergies are too strong they can cause the eyes to become red and irritated. Eye-Deal Vision in San Antonio, Texas can help treat allergy eyes.

Allergy Eyes Q & A

What is allergic conjunctivitis?

When the eyes become exposed to allergenic substances such as pollen or mold spores, they can become red, itchy, and watery. These are symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis, an inflammation of the eye caused by an allergic reaction to these substances. The conjunctiva, which is a membrane inside your eyeball, is susceptible to irritation from allergens, making allergic conjunctivitis quite common.

Allergic conjunctivitis comes in two main types:

Acute allergic conjunctivitis - a short-term condition that usually occurs during allergy season. Your eyelids suddenly swell, itch, and burn, you can also have a watery nose.

Chronic allergic conjunctivitis - A less common form of chronic allergic conjunctivitis that occurs year-round. Symptoms will come and go but include burning and itching of the eyes along with light sensitivity.

What causes allergic conjunctivitis?

People will experience allergic conjunctivitis as result of the body defending itself against substances that trigger the release of histamine. Your body produces this potent chemical to fight off foreign invaders. Some of the substances that cause this reaction are:

  • Household dust
  • Pollen from trees and grass
  • Mold spores
  • Animal dander
  • Chemical scents such as household detergents or perfume
  • Certain medications

How is allergic conjunctivitis treated?

Treatment for allergic conjunctivitis usually involves the use or topical and/or oral antihistamine medication. In severe cases, a topical steroid will also be prescribed. You can also begin at home with a combination of preventative strategies and techniques to ease your symptoms. This can include:

  • Closing windows when the pollen count is high
  • Keeping your home dust-free
  • Using an indoor air purifier
  • Avoiding exposure to harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes
  • Avoiding rubbing your eyes
  • Applying a cool compress to reduce inflammation

If you have any questions about any potential allergies you may have, contact Eye-Deal Vision today to schedule an appointment.

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