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National Eye Exam Month

Take the Next Step in Your Eye Health Journey

Eye exams are talked about all year-long in your eye doctor’s office, but they are especially pertinent in August, National Eye Exam Month. Regular eye exams are critical because what may seem like a vision-related problem might be an indication of a broader health issue and your eyes reveal a lot about your overall wellness. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that an eye exam can detect early signs of serious health conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis and hypertension.  Now that you know the importance of regular exams, do you know how often you need to go and what questions to ask when you’re arrive? Check out these tips to help you prepare.  How often should I receive an eye exam? An eye exam is recommended every year. Caring for your eyes should always be a part of your regular healthcare routine. As a rule, you shouldn’t go longer than two years between eye exams. You may need to have your eyes examined more often if:

  • you have a family history of eye diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • have general poor health, or
  • you're taking medications that may have potential side effects on the eye.

Talk to your doctor about what schedule is right for you. What questions should I ask during an exam? Knowing the right questions to ask at your next appointment is important. So here are our top 5 questions to ask during an exam.

  1. What tests will you perform?
  2. What can I do to improve my overall eye health?
  3. Will my vision change with time?
  4. What signs or symptoms should I watch out for?
  5. Can you help me understand my vision benefits?

National Eye Exam Month is not just a reminder to make an appointment, it’s about taking charge of your eye health. At Eye-deal Vision we will take the time to get to know you and your eyes and we will personalize your eyecare to ensure it fits your individual needs.  Keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear. Schedule an appointment today!